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I have been working in #sales for the past 16 years, and throughout the journey, I realized that It’s better to be a better #teamplayer than a worse boss. Eventually, what remains of that experience is some emails you could write better than anyone else. It took time to realize that most of my experience would be obsolete with new and emerging #technologies .

Being a manager has become more critical than ever as employee satisfaction shifts to cosmic ranges in today’s race for talent. #Mckinsey research states that one of the top factors that employees mention as a reason for quitting amid the increasing attrition was that they didn’t feel valued by their manager.

In contrast, people at organizations with good employee-manager progression have reported significant turnout with their #jobsatisfaction . Among those who mention their management relations are”advanced,” 74 % say they are eager to be in office, versus only 15 % of those who say connections are”amid a warfare.”

Countless examples also show that an empirical link between the leader and the rest of the team is vital for business outcomes and employee loyalty. The fundamental and primary element of any employee-manager relationship is similar to any other human relationship; mutual #trust , #encouragement , excellent & transparent #communication , and #empathy rise on the sailing ship like clockwork.

Empathy & Compassion: A leader who is genuinely concerned about their team’s well-being tends to be curious about it. “How are we doing today?” creates an #opportunity for team members to raise the right questions and feel safe when they do so. Moreover, compassion and curiosity typically go hand in hand.When #employees perceive kindness from their leaders, they become more loyal, which feeds better productivity at work.

Gratitude: The simple act of thanking your team members and giving them suitable credit is a win-win.It’s free, and everyone feels accomplished. Celebrating important #achievements with the team helps members face more immense challenges with ease and sets up everyone for #success . A #leader should whet the ability to express and feel genuine thankfulness to the #teammembers .

Awareness and self-care: Leaders must be able to help themselves before they can do it for their teams.Being empathetic, thankful, and positive will take work if the leader is stressed or anxious. In short, giving resourceful time, patience, and care to the team members can also be a powerful tool for resilience.Micro-actions largely count more than elevated changes in any organization. One silver lining of working closely with your team members is that it would help us see our colleagues as people first. Bosses who build these practices into their daily routines have increased employee satisfaction by becoming better and happier people.

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