Enterprise Solutions Inc


Focus Market:

Healthcare – Enterprise Solutions, Inc. specializes in healthcare while focusing on providing skilled professionals to supplement medical teams. Offering expertise in nursing, administration, IT, and other healthcare sectors, it addresses staff shortages, enhances patient care, and optimizes operational efficiency. This specialized focus ensures access to qualified personnel, aiding hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations in maintaining quality services, meeting demand, and adapting to evolving industry needs.


Cost Effective & Scalable Solution

Enterprise Solutions, Inc. is a leading skilled trades and professional staffing and recruiting agency in the US, Canada, and India. Based in Naperville, IL, we work closely with private and public sector organizations to help them achieve their business goals. We provide staff augmentation, executive and professional search and managed and outsourced services.

Staff Augmentation

Enterprise Solutions, Inc offers staff augmentation services designed to enhance your team’s potential and drive your enterprise to success.

Executive & Professional Search

Drawing on our extensive experience and industry knowledge, Enterprise Solutions, Inc specializes in identifying and securing top-tier executives.

Managed - IT Services

Enterprise Solutions, Inc, a trusted leader in staffing and workforce solutions, is proud to offer comprehensive Managed IT Services

Payroll management

Enterprise Solutions, Inc, a leader in staffing and workforce solutions, proudly offers comprehensive Payroll Management services designed to streamline and simplify the payroll process for businesses of all size

Statement of Work

Enterprise Solutions, Inc, a trusted leader in staffing and workforce solutions, offers a comprehensive and well-crafted Statement of Work (SOW) that ensures clarity, transparency