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Oil & Gas, Energy and Utility

Oil & Gas, Energy and Utility

The oil and gas industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape. To remain competitive, companies need to have the right people in the right places. That’s where Enterprise Solutions Inc. comes in.

We specialize in sourcing and placing top talent in the oil and gas industry. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the industry and the specific skills and qualifications needed to succeed. We work with companies of all sizes to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Our Staffing Service for Oil & Gas and Energy sector include:

Why Enterprise Solutions


ESI has been focusing on Oil & Gas segment since its inception. Our expertise with this segment comes from our extensive industry research fulfilling, technical, non-technical, engineering as well as Light Industries.

Quick Delivery

Since our experience is vast, we have created our own talent pool over the years, which makes it easy for us to deliver on time, assisting our clients overcoming time challenge.

Custom delivery process

Our delivery system is not an off the shelf system, however, we customise our solutions based on our client’s specific requirements, and they fit like a Lego in their current ecosystem

Compliances and Verification

Our dedicated team ensure that all the candidates we send meet their specific requirements and are carefully vetted through a stringent background verification process as per our client’s requests.

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