Enterprise Solutions Inc

Managed – IT Services

Managed - IT Services

Enterprise Solutions Inc, a trusted leader in staffing and workforce solutions, is proud to offer comprehensive Managed IT Services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses in today’s technology-driven landscape. With our deep understanding of IT infrastructure and a focus on optimizing performance, we provide a seamless and proactive approach to managing your IT operations.

Our Managed IT Services encompass a wide range of solutions designed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security within your organization. From network management and infrastructure support to cybersecurity and cloud solutions, we deliver customized strategies that align with your specific business objectives.

What sets us apart?

Enterprise Solutions, Inc. offers a suite of technology solutions which fit like a Lego in your current ecosystem. Our comprehensive experience and articulated approach has been the centrepiece of our mission and vision.

We have been servicing and creating new processes for our clients through security services which include:

System/ Endpoint Security

Minimum baseline security (MBSS), password policy, Application/server hardening, VA / PT. Antivirus, URL protection, password vault, VPN, Mobile security, email spam /filtering, protection.

Network Security

Zero Trust Network security. Firewall security scanner, DNS, DDoS protection, firewall rule – risk assessment. Firewall rules risk assessment, policy implementation automation.

Privilege ID Management

Application & privilege ID management, quarterly review/validation, password management PIM for OS, DB, Admin application IDs, Privilege ID Mgmt. (PIM).

Security Incident & Event management

SIEM implementation, optimization and maintenance. Security analytics, log management, alerting, advanced. Threat management. SOC process management – ticket escalation, closure.

Our holistic approach on Cloud & Hybrid Management also help you organize & accelerate through innovation while reducing costs on operations. We acknowledge the need of new and emerging technologies and how the digital transformation impacts on any industry segment across globe.

We achieve it through:

Build hybrid / private Cloud

VMWare, OpenStack or Open-Shift based private cloud, Support containerized workloads, elastic scaling, cost metering. Hybrid workload design and migration strategy (from physical to virtual).

Migrate to Public/Private/hybrid

Application migration – physical to virtual, AWS, Azure or public cloud. Re-architecture and infra design. Professional services for cloud-native developments.

Hybrid IT Ops Management

Ensure data assessment & portfolio health check. Data migration, quality check/validation. Digitalization, automation and management And consolidation of the data sources.

AIOps & Intelligent Automation

Transform ITSM experience with ServiceNow – ITSM, ITOM, CMDB, event mgmt. IT Ops Mgmt. – opensource monitoring architecture, log analytics, performance, capacity.

What sets us apart?


  • Proactive monitoring, maintenance, and incident resolution.
  • 24/7 support to optimize performance and minimize downtime.
  • Flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing IT needs.
  • Cost-effective solutions without the burden of in-house management.
  • Robust cybersecurity measures to protect data and information.
  • Real-time threat monitoring, security patches, and vulnerability assessments.
  • Comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions.
  • Strategic guidance aligning IT investments with business goals.
  • Expertise in technological advancements and industry best practices.
  • Increased productivity and focus on core business activities.

Proactive IT Support

Our team of experienced professionals ensures 24/7 monitoring of your systems, promptly addressing potential issues before they become critical. With real-time monitoring, regular maintenance, and quick incident resolution, we optimize performance and minimize downtime, keeping your business operations running smoothly.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you require additional resources during periods of growth or need to scale down during lean times, we offer solutions that align with your changing requirements, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Robust Cybersecurity

Protecting your data and information is our top priority. Our Managed IT Services include comprehensive cybersecurity measures, including threat monitoring, proactive security patches, vulnerability assessments, and data backup and recovery solutions.

Strategic Technology Guidance

As your trusted IT partner, we provide strategic technology guidance to align your IT investments with your business goals. Our experts stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and industry best practices, offering recommendations for innovative solutions.