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Conditioning team members for future Leader.

I have been working in #sales for the past 16 years, and throughout the journey, I realized that It’s better to be a better #teamplayer than a worse boss. Eventually, what remains of that experience is some emails you could write better than anyone else. It took time to realize that most of my experience would be obsolete with […]

Adapting to Change: Staff Augmentation in 2021 and Beyond

Staff Augmentation In 2021 And Beyond: Navigating Trends And Changes In The Modern Workforce In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies face various challenges, including the need to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, meet customer demands, and stay ahead of competitors. To address these challenges, many organizations turn to staff augmentation as a flexible and […]

Unlocking Success: Technology Training for Better Augmentation

In today’s fast-changing world, finding and keeping top tech talent is crucial for any business. Staff augmentation firms specialize in providing skilled professionals to clients on a temporary basis, making them key players in filling the talent gap. But to excel in this competitive market, these firms must prioritize training their recruiters in technology development. […]