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The Toughest IT Interview Questions- And How to Answer Them!

Whether you are newly out of school or have been in the IT field for a long time, an IT interview can be challenging. But knowing how to ace these interviews is essential to landing the job you want. Let’s take a look at some of the toughest IT interview questions and how to tackle them.

IT interview questions typically fall into three main categories: questions about yourself, your technical skills, and your overall IT methodology. Here are some of the toughest questions in each category, along with suggestions for answering them.


  • How do you keep your skills current? Here, the interviewer wants to know that you are always learning and honing your skills. Be ready to talk about your sources for lifelong learning.
  • Explain an IT concept to me. IT professionals tend to speak in technical terms, but you’ll need to be able to discuss your ideas and projects with customers and others who are not tech savvy. To prepare, practice talking about technical ideas in plain language.

Your Technical Skills

  • What online resources do you use? The IT field moves fast, and it would be impossible for one person to be an expert in all current and emerging technologies. Employers want to know that you have established places to go when you need specific information.
  • How do you perform quality control? IT is complex, and it’s easy to make simple errors. The interviewer wants to be sure that you have a process for checking your work and ensuring that it is bug-free.

Your IT Methodology

  • What’s your process for deployment? Writing code is one thing. Deploying it into a working production environment is a whole different challenge. Describe the methods that you use to ensure a seamless deployment.
  • How do you juggle multiple priorities? IT professionals may be working on several projects at once, all with different deadlines. Talk about how you keep each project flowing without ignoring the others.

An IT interview can be tough, but preparation is key. Be ready to talk about not only what you do, but how you do it. And be sure you can explain everything in simple, plain language.

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