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Getting the Most Out of Staff Augmentation & Your Supply Chain

The business world has undergone enormous changes since the Covid-19 pandemic rocked the world in early 2020. From global shutdowns to the Great Resignation to quiet quitting, many organizations are struggling to remain fully staffed, while also coping with ongoing supply chain issues. Staff augmentation may be just what you need to maximize your operations in this challenging time.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

In many ways, staff augmentation is a fancy term for hiring temp workers. But it also includes elements of outsourcing. At its heart, staff augmentation is a broad, fully customizable model for utilizing outside resources to help meet your company’s production demands.

Temporary staffing is often the perfect solution to meet immediate, one-time demand. For example, you might bring on a temporary software developer to help you push out a new title. But by definition, temporary staffing will come to an end. If you need additional help in the future, you’ll need to either hope the developer you used before hasn’t found full-time work elsewhere, or else bring on someone new.

Outsourcing means hiring an outside company to take control of a specific aspect of your business. For example, you might outsource payroll to a third party. That company manages all aspects of your payroll services with little to no input from you.

Staff augmentation falls in the middle. You’ll partner with a staffing agency to provide human resources on demand. That company retains responsibility for finding, hiring, and training workers, who are on the staffing agency’s payroll. But when you need them, the employees follow your direction. You will remain in charge of your projects and how they are done, without giving away control.

How Can Staff Augmentation Help My Business?

Staff augmentation can be a great choice for many organizations, including seasonal businesses and those that are facing ongoing supply chain challenges. It can also be highly useful for software companies and others that ramp up in the final push before a product launch and then slow down as the next product goes into development.

Advantages of staff augmentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced hiring and training costs
  • On-demand staffing increases and decreases
  • Access to wider talent pool with a variety of specialized skills
  • Retaining full control over projects without the hassles of hiring and onboarding

Searching for New Talent?

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