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Software Trends for 2023: What to Offer & How to Help Your Employees

After nearly three years of primarily working from home, many software companies are now implementing return to office policies, at least in a hybrid fashion. But what are software employees looking for in a post-pandemic workplace, and how can you help your team make the transition? Here are some tips for a successful 2023.

Interesting Projects

Software employees tend to be creative, highly engaged people. Whether working from home or from the office, you need to keep them interested. Assign them meaningful projects that will hold their attention, and they will be much more willing to come to the office as needed. Always show them how their work is connected to your organization’s larger mission and values.

Ongoing Flexibility

The pandemic proved that it really isn’t necessary to spend long days in the office. Carefully think through your return to office policies and provide as much flexibility as possible. When does your software team really need to be on site, and when can they work from home? How much autonomy will they have to choose which days and hours to come in? Can you set core hours with a specific purpose, such as an all-hands meeting every Tuesday morning, and otherwise allow remote work to continue?

Strong Work Culture

Build an office culture that is rooted in respect and open communication. Focus on increasing diversity, and give everyone a seat a the table. Software employees tend to be both smart and driven, so it’s also important to provide plenty of opportunities for them to learn and develop new skills. Commit to their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing, and they will be more committed to you.

Superior Equipment and Infrastructure

The office should be a welcoming place, so don’t skimp on the furnishings and equipment. Provide well-designed, ergonomic workstations that provide easy access to everything your software employees need. Implement communications infrastructure that allows teams to easily collaborate, even when some members are working remotely.

Workspace Personalization

Your software employees are individuals with their own unique tastes and styles. Give them the opportunity to personalize their workspaces as much as possible. This might mean letting them choose from a few different desk and chair options, or encouraging them to display family photos and other memorabilia.

Space to Relax

Your team will be much more excited about coming into the office if you make it inviting. Provide plenty of social spaces with comfortable furniture, as well as cozy nooks that make it easy to get away from the stress. This promotes team bonding while also keeping introverts from becoming overwhelmed.

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