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How Enterprise Solutions Can Help Boost Your Employee Retention

Employee retention can be challenging, especially in today’s tight labor market. Workers know that they have options, so you will need to implement a comprehensive plan to keep them. A strong employee retention plan can be divided into three key components.

Staffing and Recruiting Clarity

It’s not enough to just write a basic job description. To hire employees who want to stay, you’ll need to clarify exactly what you are looking for. Think through not only the technical requirements for the position, but also the behavioral requirements and cultural fit. Sometimes the right person is an internal candidate, while at other times it is best to look externally.

Onboarding Direction

Onboarding is an excellent time to lay the groundwork for future employee retention. Yet for many companies, onboarding is almost an afterthought. Use this opportunity to lay out what employees can expect from the company. Talk about development programs, benefits, and even special events like company picnics or holiday parties. This builds excitement and a sense of belonging from Day One.

Cultural Resilience

Work culture is one of the toughest corporate initiatives to maintain, but it is critical to employee retention. Build a culture that is grounded in communication, authenticity, and transparency. Then be ready to pivot in response to any issues that arise. Promote flexibility and provide multiple channels for employee feedback.

Why Work with a Staffing Agency?

Your HR department is likely stretched thin, and it takes resources to build strong staffing and onboarding programs. At Enterprise Solutions, we already have proven systems in place to help you find, recruit, and onboard top talent for your open positions. We know how to match people with organizations, ensuring a cultural fit. And we can even advise you on ways to strengthen your work culture and develop better corporate resilience. You can continue to focus on what you do best while we lay the groundwork for stronger employee retention.

Searching for New Talent?

With more than 300 dedicated recruiters, Enterprise Solutions provides employers with temporary, direct hire, and temp-to-hire IT and non-IT candidates for a variety of industries across the country. Request an employee today or contact us to learn more!

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