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How to Ace Your Next Consulting Interview

Consultants are experts in business analysis and guidance. It’s a complex role, and the interview process may involve a variety of different types of questions. Here’s how to prepare for your next consulting interview.

Do Your Homework

Take some time to research the company. Be ready to explain why you are the perfect fit not only for the role, but also for the organization. You may be asked detailed questions about your resume and career path, and how your background has prepared you for this specific opportunity.

Prepare Some Questions

Interviews almost always close with the interviewer asking the candidate if they have any questions. Your research should guide you to some thoughtful questions about the company and the role. Write them down in advance so you don’t forget.

Be Ready for Behavioral Scenarios

Your interviewer will likely ask several scenario-based questions, such as “Describe a time when you made a mistake” or “What would you do if a client (insert common client behavior here)?” Use the STAR method to answer these:

  • Situation: Set the scene.
  • Task: What were you doing at the time?
  • Action: Lay out the action steps you took.
  • Result: What happened?

Decide How to Approach Case Studies

A case study is an important part of most consulting interviews. Review the different common types of case studies, such as launching a new business or entering a new market, and decide how you will structure your answer to each type.

Brush Up on Your Math

Math skills are very important for any consultant, and your case study questions may require you to show your skills. Review common consulting formulas and make sure you are ready to perform basic calculations, including percentages, without a calculator.

Plan for the Day

Find out exactly where you need to report and consider making a practice trip. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early, and build in extra time for traffic. Pick out your interview outfit and make sure it’s ready to go. Pack a briefcase with a copy of your resume, your notes, and any documents you need to bring. Also decide what you will do after the interview ends, as this gives you something to look forward to and can help calm your nerves.

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