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How to Ace Your Next Consulting Interview

Consultants are experts in business analysis and guidance. It’s a complex role, and the interview process may involve a variety of different types of questions. Here’s how to prepare for your next consulting interview. Do Your Homework Take some time to research the company. Be ready to explain why you are the perfect fit not […]

Successfully Managing a Remote IT Team in 2022

Managing a remote team requires different skills and strategies than managing onsite workers. If your IT team will work remotely in 2023, you’ll need to strike a balance between accountability and trust. You will also need to rethink how you measure performance. Here are a few tips. Set Clear Expectations Employees and managers need to […]

Preparing to Manage Your Mental Health in the Winter Months

While some people thrive in the winter months, the long, dark nights and cold weather can make others wish they could hibernate until spring. Some people even experience a type of depression known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Whether you have severe symptoms or a general case of the winter blues, managing your mental […]

Tips for Looking at a Candidate’s Resume

Reviewing resumes is a key part of the hiring process. But what exactly should you be looking for? Here are some things to pay attention to on any candidate’s resume. Experience The Experience section of a resume will let you know whether the candidate has done similar work before. Some people will have an exact […]